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Thread: Highly Competitive League With 1 Opening (SF Bay Area)

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    Default Highly Competitive League With 1 Opening (SF Bay Area)

    We are a serious 12 team 5x5 keeper league that is combined NL and AL. Our live auction is scheduled for Sunday April 14. We conduct separate auctions for both American (25 players) & National League (25)

    The buy in is $500, reduced to $250 this year for the incoming team, and there is a $10 transaction fee any time you reserve an injured player. All money minus expenses goes towards prizes at the end.

    Our league has been in existence for over 20 yrs and we are a fun, competitive group who really knows their baseball.

    So if you want to try your hand at being the next Billy Beane or Brian Sabean, this is your chance!

    Email me at or reply to post.
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