has 1 opening. We are a 13 team 5x5 AL ONly+1 (St Louis is in) on base replaces BA on offense. We've been around a long time - focus on friendship with sabermetric competition. On the SABR meter our league averages out at 6.5-7. It's a good mix of guys and girls who love baseball but it's not meant to be a win at all cost league. We've had 4 different winners in last 5 years. Our entry fee is $26 ($260 auction budget) split the Rotowire website fees (about $7) $5 optional farm system draft (2 players drafted per year 5 max on roster) $100 FAAB budget (spend over $50 FAAB pay $10 real) so you can see the money is minimal but we have a good time. Live auction first Saturday after opening day, end of year Yoo Hoo extravaganza and the occaison trading sessions at the local pub along with a very lively web chat on the league site. We have a few wrinkles - (team with best point total of non money positions after the all star break gets $50) if in the general area email me and I'll let you look at our constitution on the website. If you are a rotowire member look up "First Kansas City Rotoball League"