There Is No Offseason, a keeper league, is seeking new owners for teams given up by their owners during the winter.
We are a standard CBS 5x5 roto format league, AL plus NL, 12 teams—though we have only one catcher slot and two UT. We allow up to five keepers to be carried over each season, with escalating salaries ($5 per keeper each year kept). We feature daily roster moves and free agent bidding that processes three times a week, so active team owners are preferred. This is a competitive league with lots of trading, and it’s a league where—wait for it!—participants respect one another and act that way.
There is a $10 annual fee to participate, which covers the CBS administration fee. Both available teams have excellent keeper options and should be competitive immediately.
Instead of cash prizes, we offer prizes of vintage (mostly 1960s) baseball cards and autographs from the commissioner’s collection.
This year’s live online draft will be in the second half of March, date and time to be determined; last year it was a Friday night. All participants need to be online for the live draft. We have nine bench slots, so feel free to hold onto Adam Dunn.
Teams, rules, prizes etc. can be viewed at our league site (requires CBS password):
Most of the same information is available at a free-access site:
Please direct any questions to Steve Bates at