The League of Ordinary Gentlemen (or LOGS, as we call ourselves) has an opening for people to assume ownership of existing teams. We have several openings, and plan on a dispersal draft to disseminate the keepers from the 2 ownerless teams. There are several decently priced keepers, but there may be some rebuilding involved.

The league is a half-price league, $130 entry fee and $5 transactions, with 12 teams, 23 man rosters, up to 12 keepers, no reserves and a minor league bench, 5x5 with OBP instead of avg. League has a salary cap; and a $50 FAAB budget. We are old school guys with some modifications to the standard Roti rules. This league is in the 7th year of existence; our draft day is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th. The draft is a live event with the owners meeting in Verona, starting at 9 a.m. Payouts to the top 5 teams, winner gets 50%. We use CBS Sportsline.

If you are interested, I can forward the rosters and constitution.