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Thread: Need new owner for NL Only Keeper League (Tri-State Area)

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    Cool Need new owner for NL Only Keeper League (Tri-State Area)

    Need new owner for NL Only Keeper League (Tri-State Area)

    Looking to replace a departed owner and his team which will be drafted from scratch along with at least 2 additional 1st year expansion teams and their prospective owners.


    It's an auction league with daily roster moves and it's almost 27yrs old (Seriously very rich of the original fantasy baseball leagues. I've only been a member for 3 yrs.)

    Player contracts and prices are set on day of draft and last 3 yrs.

    You may keep as many players under contract as you wish provided you are able to enter each season under the $260 total salary cap.

    For example if you went after Pujols this year….(Who BTW IS AVAILABLE!!!) Maybe you spent something like 58 dollars on him you'd have him for 3 years at that price and his salary would count against your following years cap.

    If for any reason you wanted to free up that money you could either drop him regardless of remaining years signed (Kinda like the NFL hah) or trade him to whomever for whatever you agree upon as there is a total trade freedom without a veto policy!!

    Having been recruited and thoroughly vetted by a "Standing Member" (in this case Me)

    You will have been "vouched for" kinda like Donny Brasco ;-)

    The league assumes each member will "uphold honorable standards of fairness and competence" etc etc…(It's all in the league constitution which i believe was actually typed with a TYPE-WRITER but has since been digitized and will be provided with your application should you wish to apply.

    It's all very simple.

    In the meantime I've enclosed some pictures of the current crop of 2011 free agents and just in case Pujols wasn't enough to peak your interest perhaps some of these listed will...

    And these are a partial list of the Pitching available at the auction...

    Finally I've left you with a list of the veteran teams as they currently stand prior to final roster budget cuts etc so it's possible that some of the players you see on these teams today will also be made eligible if they are released for Salary Cap/Budgetary concerns etc...

    If you like more lists and more information please email ASAP as we've already got a couple potential candidates but they're not in my opinion as highly qualified as fellow HQ brethren.

    Email me at as soon as possible if you're interested and would like more details etc..


    Michael C.
    Twitter : @MichaelC162

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    before anything else, when and where is the draft ?
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    yeah. there's a lot of tristate areas. Many many states are bordered by 2 others.
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