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Thread: 20 owners needed!! NEW 5x5 Dynasty

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    Default 20 owners needed!! NEW 6x6 Dynasty

    Yes, that's right, 20 owners. Well, minus one, since I'm in.

    I've decided to start a brand new Dynasty League from scratch. FUN!

    - 6x6 Rotisserie, with OBP and HLD

    - $110M salary cap

    - 40 man rosters, includes minimum 10 minor league slots

    - FREE league, unless we decide to switch from Yahoo's free site to CBS, and/or create a Prize Pool. We'll vote.

    - Rest of league hosting on Proboards

    - 3-man Commissioner Committee (accepting applications)

    - Fun

    - Fun

    - Fun

    This will be an experimental season to work out the bugs, pick a permanent hosting site, etc.

    Opening Day is coming up fast, so let's fill this puppy and get going!

    Post here with interest. Be sure to include your email address.
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