Hello Baseball HQ community,

I have posted the following league opening notice in the Unclassified Ads Forum, but am also posting here as potential interested folks may visit here more regularly. Hope everyone will allow:

The 10 team NL-only ‘Get Your Shinebox League’ (GYSL), seeks two rotisserie/fantasy players to take over existing franchises. The rules are Standard Ultra keeper format with a few modifications (23-man roster filled out by auction with each team having a 260 unit salary cap, followed by 12-round reserve draft).

Our current ownership is made up of 8 owners primarily from the Chicago area (we’d like to have 10 owners in the league). Live draft is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 26 near Naperville, IL. We are seeking owners from the Chicagoland area who will be able to attend the auction draft in person.

We use CBSSports.com as our stat service and have weekly transactions.

League fees usually range from $200-$300 per team per year (i.e $130 league fee, $15 website fee, $5 trophy fee, then $1.25 per each transaction.) The league fee and all transaction fees are placed in the prize pool and are distributed at year end as follows:

1st place - 45%
2nd place - 25%
3rd place - 15%
4th place - 10%
5th place - 5%

We use the following categories to determine our standings:

Batting average
Home runs
Runs batted in
Stolen bases

Earned run average

You can email me at bigflies@yahoo.com for additional information. I would be happy to provide our league constitution, roster of the vacant teams, and answer any questions you may have about our league. Thanks for taking time to review my post.

I hope to hear from some Chicago area roto players who are up for the challenge of joining our league.

Email: bigflies@yahoo.com