We're a long-standing league with two owners 20+ years and several other 10+. The format is 10 team AL only 6x6 auction league (standard 5x5 plus OBP and Losses). Standard 260 budget, daily transactions, weekly FAAB.

We have an owner who retired at the end of the season. We had a mid-season replacement lined up but unforeseen personal issues came up with the new owner and he cannot stay on.

We're looking for someone local (we're in NYC), but we have a couple of owners who are not, so if you are not, it's not an automatic disqualifier. If you've played in AL auction leagues before, then that's probably a plus. We're just looking for a reasonable guy who will be a long-term owner and add more dynamism to to league. We're also looking for someone who's not looking to add a 25th team to the 24 other leagues he's already in.

Some other quick highlights:

1. It's a friendly, good group of guys. Serious but not cutthroat.
2. We've had four different winners the past four years. One-year turnarounds are not uncommon.
2. Four owners are BHQ, and all but two are fairly sharp. The owner leaving has been the weakest link.
3. We use All-Star Stats for our service and the draft is done live, in-person in Manhattan (at an owner's conference room, usually with one or two out-of-state conference calls).

You would have a modest, but not barren roster to rebuild with: Wigginton $2, A. Jackson $5, Callaspo $1, Brantly $1, DeJesus $9, J. Salty $6, Dice K $7, Millwood $2, Mariano $24, Pettitte $15 plus Martin Perez, Tanner Scheppers and Hank Conger on the farm.

If you're interested, get in touch with me via the HQ forum private msgs and I'll get back to you with more details.