My long-time NL-only keeper league is going to version 2.0. We're effectively changing a twice-weekly league into daily transactions and making it a dynasty league with contracts, minor leaguers, etc. It's 5x5, but the categories are not entirely traditional; e.g, k-w is going to be a category and we'll be using OBP and some version of total bases. The league has had 12 teams for at least a decade, but some of the owners -- the less active ones -- are probably going to drop out so we're likely to have at least three openings. If anyone has interest, I can send you the latest version of the Constitution. We're expect to keep existing teams and rosters and implement transition rules. New owners will have their choice of existing franchises (and they may include two teams that were in the money last year). Oh, we're currently planning on drafting April 2nd. Many of the owners are DC-based, but we'll probably use a conference call together with some sort of on-line drafting mechanism.