Longtime Denver area redraft league (American League) has a couple of openings for new owners. Our draft will be in person at the Regis College library on Saturday morning April 3rd.

$50 entry fee. We use CBS for stats. All money collected goes to prizes minus the cbs fee.

we use 6 batting and 6 pitching categories. roto scoring. We have a unique "partial auction/draft" format. Your first four players are acquired by auction and you also bid for draft position. Your remaining players are acquired in a snake draft. This allows us to complete the draft in much less time than a full auction.

We have a National League fantasy league too but that one is full - we do the AL draft in the morning and the NL draft in the afternoon.

Very stable leagues with good ownership - this is our American League's 19th year and our National League's 20th year.

send me a private message if you are interested in more details