I've been involved in 2 face-to-face Chicago leagues over 20+ years. Looking for new challenge playing with new people, via internet, rather than face to face.

Auction will be online using cbssports fantasy commissioner and live auction software on Saturday, April 3rd starting on or after 6pm Central Time. $150 dues + website cost + $2 per trade.

The most important thing about this league is that it is free trade "dump" league, owners looking for a salary cap or trade-stopping rules beyond dual-commissioner-plus-ad-hoc-committee veto should not apply.

Constitution has been evolving over 20+ years in 3 leagues trying to produce fun, all-year league that facilitates a lot of trading of players, prospects and draft picks. It's not perfect, nothing ever is, but it's been working pretty well.

If you are interested, contact me at burkejayg@gmail.com and I will send along the constitution for you to consider joining. My partner commissioner and I will play, and we are looking for 10 players to play with us.