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Thread: Very Competitive 8 Year Old AL Only Needs 1 Owner

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    Default Updated in October: Very Competitive 8 Year Old AL 4x4 Only Needs 2010 Owners


    We two openings in our league going into next season. We are going to allow new owners to draft all their keepers as well as pick any players not kept by the other owners.

    Our league:

    11 teams, owners dispersed throughout the country (friends, and friends of friends)
    AL only, 4x4
    Auction, now done online via sportsline
    Keeper league, 11 keepers each year + 3 minor leaguers
    $100 entry + per transaction: avg. spend annually is about $250
    23 man rosters + 3 minor leaguers + 3 DL slots
    We have a detailed constitution that we have refined every year to ensure a fun, fair league where skill and long term planning are critical, but any team can compete in any given year with a strong draft, some good pickups and some lucky breaks.
    This league is very competitive and 7 of the 11 owners have been in the league since inception. It's a big time commitment to be competitive, and if you are a casual player or you have never participated in a keeper league, this is not the league for you.

    Email me directly if interested at
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    Default league

    did u guys draft already? let me experienced and passionate about fantasy baseball thanks brett

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