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Thread: 3/23 Draft "Clout Wars" NL Only Auction/Keeper

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    Default 3/23 Draft $65 NL Only Auction/Keeper Sportsline

    We are starting our second year of the "Tout Wars" style NL only league. Hosted on Sportsline, auction draft with snake for reserves. Draft is 3/23 at 7pm est. $260 draft budget and $100 FAAB.

    This year we are discussing adding a keeper feature, nothing too complicated. We would like to maintain the integrity of the original rules. Possibly a rule for each keeper their salary goes up $1, 2nd keeper add $2, third add $3 and so on. Or a simple $5 increase each year for a max of 4 years.

    We have 11 of 12 filled at the moment, please email me for an invite.

    Entry fee is $65 which covers the Sportsline fee, payouts, and paypal fees.
    Check out the league here

    Payouts are:
    1st $400
    2nd $120
    3rd $80

    I provide a paypal id so you can view the league account balance all season.

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