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Thread: Searching for a live auction league

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    Default Searching for a live auction league

    Within a 50 mile radius of Buffalo, New York. Looking for a 4x4 or 5x5 roto, AL or NL.

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    Is Ithaca NY too far. We have AL & NL 5x5 leagues. An owner has retired. 8 owner leagues, 12 keepers (not money leagues). Strong competition (including a nationally recognized member of the industry). Looking for someone to take over two teams one in AL, the other in NL (though we might settle for taking over just one of the teams) and be willing to attend the auction. We ordinarily have our auctions on the Saturday or Sunday after the season starts. This year we may have it on a Saturday or Sunday two weeks before the season starts (because one of our members will be out of the country on our normal draft day). Any interest. Please e-mail me or send a private message.



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