Hi all,

My brother and I are looking for somebody to stand in for us Sunday afternoon at an auction and bid on some players for the team we co-own in our longstanding keeper league. The draft is Sunday afternoon from 3:30 pm to 8 pm at a place in Wakefield called The Dockside.

Why we aren't there ourselves or have already secured a proxy this year is a long story, but to sum up: I'm in Detroit, he's in Wyoming, and neither one of us is the complete master of our own schedule.

We've got a cheat sheet that we'll pass along and would be advising over the phone. Really we just need somebody to make some bids and enjoy FREE FOOD AND BEVERAGE that we will pay for while the bidding proceeds. (i.e. we'll pick up your tab for the evening.)

The league itself is a longstanding AL-only league and has a lot of good guys in it who are a lot of fun to bid against. (At least a couple of them can be found here in the Forums on occasion.)

So, if anybody in the Boston area has an urge to raise their hand occasionally to bid and occasionally to shovel in a bit of delicious FREE FOOD AND BEVERAGE at Wakefield's finest establishment, please shoot me a PM to volunteer.