Competitive, fun, 12 team NL only keeper 5x5. Roto scoring. $26 draft, $3 transactions. Investment roughly $75-100 per year.

We are a bunch of baseball obsessed 50 year old professional guys with sophomoric senses of humor. Most of us work in the oil business as scientists, lawyers, and accountants. This league is our social club. Sound like your kind of guys? Want to make some new friends? Need some buddies to go to the Astro games with? Send an email to my spamcatcher email box at crotex_99 at and I will get back to you ASAP. It would be best if you include your phone number. Make sure your subject line mentions this ad so I wonít auto-delete it along with all the Ďmale enhancementí emails.

You will be taking over a bad existing team so plan on donating your $75 this year, just like I did in my first year (1986). Our rules can be a bit arcane so some patience will be required your first year while you master the rules, learn all our inside jokes, and learn to contribute to the email threads of groaningly bad puns. You should be positioned to compete for the title in your second year.

You MUST be able to attend our live auction on Saturday March 29th at 11:00 AM in a sports bar in the downtown Houston area. Plan on the auction lasting 4-5 hours.