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Thread: NY NL 4 x 4 League has opening(s)

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    Default NY NL 4 x 4 League has opening(s)

    4-year old keeper league with live draft on upper west side on March 30. We have 9 owners -- we'd like 10 or 11.

    New owners draft from 2 ownerless teams and get to do some cherry picking off other teams to get to a keeper list of no more than 15 (altho less is fine)...details of league and players will be made avail to interested parties.

    We used TQ, then rotowire and we might do All Star this year.

    260 budget for draft (minus keeper salaries). FA pickups/trades/moves all at 10 per and total is given out to 1st thru 4th place (5th if we have 11!).

    Let me know if you're interested. I'm the commish and the only HQ guy.
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    Default I have interest

    Please send details. Playing for about 7 years. Live in Westchester.

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    I would also have some interest. Please send all available information




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