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Thread: SF Bay area mixed keeper $150 draft 4/13

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    Default SF Bay area mixed keeper $150 draft 4/13

    ***** Sorry, the openings in this league have been filled *****

    Diamond Dreams Roto League has been going strong since 1994. We had 3 openings (very unusual) and have filled 2 of them, so only 1 left!

    Draft will be on Sunday, 4/13, probably starting at 9am, probably in Foster City (will be finalized soon).

    Fee is $150, with 50%, 25%, 15%, 10% to the top four finishers.

    Categories HR,RBI,R,SB,OBP W,K,SV,ERA,WHIP.

    23 active spots (auction), 12 player bench (draft after auction).

    We will use CBS this year.

    14 teams, mixed, keep up to 15 players. $5 salary bump each year. 4 year max. $320 in-season active salary cap.

    FA draft (reverse of standings) first week of each month May-Sep. Transactions and trades are free (ie $150 is the entire cost).

    Replacing owners will have a "dispersal" draft from the 3 non-returning teams and the non-kept guys from the other 11 teams. New owners get to keep 4 players with NO salary bump, rest they take get the usual $5 bump.

    Please reply here or send me a PM if you are interested and/or you would like more information.
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