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Thread: 9th-Yr NL-only Keeper League seeking new owners

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    Default 9th-Yr NL-only Keeper League seeking new owners

    Our 11-team, standard 5x5, 25-man roster plus farm, Auction-style, NL-only Keeper League ($125 approx -- top four pay out) is preparing for season #9 and we need to fill two middle-of-the-pack franchises with new ownership. We're dedicated and competitive (5 different champs over the past 6 seasons) and geographically spread out all over the place, but get almost everyone together for a Live Draft somewhere on the East Coast with an occasional owner joining us online. This year, our Draft will probably be in Atlanta or Florida, but previously we've drafted in DC, Tampa, Houston and West Palm Beach. Lots of trading, message board communication, post-season "awards" and whatever else to keep things fun. Contact me at for details or questions.
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