Monsters of the NL News has been an online-only, ten-team, 25-player-per-team NL keeper league since the early nineties. (The NL News was a board on the old Prodigy service, which predated the Web by a few years, so our roots are pretty deep.) Last year, we switched from 4x4 to 5x5, but, otherwise, we've kept the rules pretty close to the Book's over the years. Our tentative draft date is Saturday, April 7. (Usually, we draft the Sunday after Opening Day, but this year that's Easter Sunday, so we've improvised.) Entry fees are $60 per team for the stat service and the kitty; there are no transaction fees, so you won't get rich if you win this league.

In an odd confluence of events, we've lost three owners this year. We've got one in place, which means we need two more. When we have more than one owner to replace, we disperse the abandoned rosters to the new owners through a disbursal draft, held by email or by conference call if that is more feasible, so that is what we plan to do this year once we've got three new owners lined up.

Because you are reading this on an HQ board, you have enough interest and rotisserie experience to be a candidate who'd be of interest to us. If we might be of interest to you, please PM me or email to Thanks for your consideration.