22 year old San Jose league seeks one owner to replace founding owner who retired.

Traditional 4X4 categories, reasonably close to the Daniel Okrent Rotisserie version with a few quirks.

$290 buy in, plus fees for each transaction. Average cost/team/year is $700-$1000. 100% payout; 42% to winner, prizes to first six teams. Last year winner's share was ~$5K. 12 teams/15 hitters/11 pitchers, $290 draft budget.

Active league, pretty competitive -- about eight owners are BBHQ subscribers. Activity is heavy into September, and nobody quits -- you're either competing or building.

Live draft 3/30; everything else is virtual. A couple of owners live outside the Bay Area.

The team that needs to be taken over won the league last year, and had to deal a fair amount of its strength to get there, but it still has decent keeper value.