$75 entry fee ($50 franchise, $25 advance transactions). 23-player active roster; 17-player reserve roster; 4-player Farm team. 5x5 (standard categories), uses TQS.

Auction will be held either April 14 or April 15, 12:00 p.m. EST in a chat room or fantasyauctioneer.

First-come, first-served for your choice of the orphan teams.

All of the owners are lawyers, former-lawyers, judges, law clerks, law professors (no, he left two years ago) or court reporters. Some relationship with the legal system is a plus (criminal defendant, disbarred lawyer, vexatious litigant, convicted felon, Perry Mason fan)...all these and more will be considered. Owners from New York to Hawaii, with a healthy dose of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

We try to do the auction live, rotating from one AL city to another. In the last five years, we've done KC, New York, Seattle, Chicago and Arlington. We're coming off a tough year and regrouping by doing an internet auction this year. Beginning in 2008, we plan to hit the road again, so anybody joining should be ready to consider that as a real possibility.

Happy to send anyone interested a copy of our rules and a list of the available teams, or provide any information. E-mail me via the site or leave your contact information here.