I’m looking for new owners in the long-standing All-American League (traditional 5x5, AL-only) auction keeper league with “toppers” and a bench. We’ve got a good group of guys, many of who have been owners for 5+ years, and welcome some new blood (fresh meat). Players purchased at auction have two-year contracts; we have a post-auction snake draft of an 8-player bench with three-year contracts and an assigned salary of $3. Weekly FAAB and start/bench moves. For more information on the league constitution: This “offseason” website will be updated soon to reflect updated contracts, trades, etc.

The auction date is March 31st (Saturday), 9am EST in Washington DC. There are two openings, first come first serve. Check out the open rosters (i.e., Sopornos and Lords of da Realm 2000). If interested, send me an email at