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Thread: Boston Area League Opening(s)

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    Default Boston Area League Opening(s)

    One (possibly two) openings in a Boston-area Roto League
    * 5 x 5 AL-only. Deep league: 11 teams, 23 man active roster, 13 man reserves
    * limited keepers (10 MLB players, plus 5 minors)
    * auction Sat 3/31 in Northboro, 8AM
    * $500 entry, no transaction fees
    * daily lineup, weekly FAAB
    * age range 34-45, 14th season
    * new owners would take over existing teams; the available teams finished 7th and 8th last season and should be considered long-term projects.
    * HQ's former AL Marketwatch / Starting Pitchers Buyer's Guide columnist Mike Dranchak is in the league. I suspect up to seven others are HQ subscribers, which helps explain why Andy Sheets went for $14 in 2000.

    It's a pretty fun and competitive group. If you're interested, please send a note to and briefly describe your background / experience. Rosters and constitution available upon request.

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    Default Half Price

    We've decided to cut the first year entry fee for a new owner to $250. if interested. Still looking for two.



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