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Thread: Custom grid anomaly

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    Default Custom grid anomaly

    I find generating the custom scoring projections grid very useful, but a number of players are listed as NV (no value?) and are not ranked, when they clearly have some value.
    Among them are Frank Thomas, Chris Shelton, Ryan Freel, Corey Koskie ....
    Is it because in my 12-team league, these guys aren't among the Top 24 at their INF positions?
    If I simply increase the number of players per position, will I get a deeper ranking?

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    I had something similiar. N.L. only 13 team but with 1 catcher per team. I guess Piazza was listed as the 14th catcher , which is debateble, but on the grid came up $0. I would just mess with the positional requirements.
    16-team Mixed 6x6 non-keeper snake draft

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