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Thread: Minor Tweak for RP Depth Chart Docs

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    Default Minor Tweak for RP Depth Chart Docs

    The documentation on says
    Relief pitchers are listed first in descending order of projected saves, followed by descending order of projected IP.
    But when I look at them the whole list seems to be sorted by PT% and not Sv%.

    For example, check out the Phillies. Sv% is Gorder 85%, Cormier 5%, Fultz 5%, but 3 guys are between Cormier and Fultz on the list with no Sv%.
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    The bullpen indicators chart (a different chart from the one you're referencing, I realize) has the closer first, then in descending order by '06 projected BPV - that might be more useful and up-to-date (dated Jan 20).



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