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Thread: Utilizing HQ Tools In-Season

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    Default Utilizing HQ Tools In-Season

    Hi, all -

    Apologies if this isnít the right forum/location for this thread. Iím doing a bit of ďpost-mortemĒ analysis on a disappointing season and would love to hear from others. While the short season certainly didnít help my team this year, I also know that I grossly underutilized HQís tools and resources. I would love to get a sense of how successful players utilize HQ during the season (ie. What tools/articles are you looking at regularly?). Outside of checking the Starting Pitcher Matchup tool daily, I know Iím leaving some meat on the bone.

    Thanks so much for any help!


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    I read every article. When I'm making roster decisions, I'll go to the player link for each player to analyze the data and to see what HQ has had to say about the player. And I use the SP tool, too.

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    Although not as useful in a sprint season, I periodically run a YTD CDG set up for my league. Helpful in FAAB and trades, when coupled with narrative player information.



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