To help alleviate the lack of baseball this summer, I joined a free “retrotisserie” league. The basic concept: each team drafts 21 players from a 3-year period, which is decided on in conjunction with the creator of the concept and the league facilitator, Jason Stubbs. Our league is using 1906-1908, and Jason provides a list of the hitters and pitchers (and their statistics) for the chosen time period. Once all the players are drafted (each team has 24 hours to draft each player), each owner reveals, in 4 separate phases, which 18 (10 hitters, 7 pitchers, and 1 hitter or pitcher) of their 21 players will be used for the scoring lineup to determine the overall winner using the standard 5x5 categories. The “reveal” includes the specific year’s (1906, 1907, or 1908) statistics that is being used for each player. After the winner is determined (no prizes, just bragging rights), each team must keep 9 players and then a new draft begins for the next 3-year period; for our league it will be 1907-1909. It’s a really interesting and fun concept, which allows for multiple drafting strategies. If you’re interested in joining a league, email Jason at