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    Ray - As you know I have been a Gold member for as long as I can remember. One thing I have never been able to fully understand is your grading systems for prospects. Oh sure, I know 8 is higher than 7 and 9 is higher than 8. But when it comes to the letters and their ability/probability to achieve that rating, that is where I get a bit confused in its totality. How should I think about an 8A prospect versus a 9C prospect. Which one should be thought of as the better prospect for a fantasy team? Or how should I think about an 8C prospect versus a 7A prospect as an example? Again I understand the 9>8>7 but when the probability to achieve that ranking lessens I'm not sure how to evaluate. Thank you.

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    8 or 9 is the writer’s assignment of what that player’s peak production is likely to be. A or C is how likely they are to reach that peak.

    9C might be a 9 player at peak. But there’s a chance that he only peaks at 8 or even 7.

    8A might be an 8 player at peak, and there’s a much better chance that he does indeed peak at 8.

    Shooting for upside despite risk? Get the 9C.

    Want the more sure thing? Take the 8A.

    In the end, both might be 8s, or maybe one will be a 9, but it’s the 9C who’s likely to be that. With an 8A, you know what you are getting.

    Now an 8C is riskier. In that case, take the 9C.



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