14 team league. Very active. Upcoming off-season draft ASAP. email me if interested: poechsli@cox.net
Here are the by-laws:

2019 Dead Parrot League Constitution


1) DPL is a 14 team dynasty baseball league. The league will consist of two divisions with seven teams within each division. All divisions will be randomly selected prior to the first season of the league.

2) The playoffs will consist of three weeks. Both division winners will make the playoffs. In addition to the division winners, four wild card teams who don’t win their divisions will also make the playoffs.

3) During the regular season, ties are treated as ties. However, for awarding playoff positioning and division standings the tiebreaker scenarios are as follows and in order: Total Points for, Winning % & Total Points Against.

4) During the playoffs, ties are awarded to the team with the higher point total in the regular season and if those are tied, to the higher seed.

5) The playoff format is based on a six team playoff. The division winners get a first round bye. The wild card teams play in the first round of the playoffs. After each round, all remaining teams are reseeded where the highest seed will play the lowest seed first, and then the next highest seed will play the next lowest seed.

6) Each round of the playoffs consists of one week over a three week period (scoring periods 23 through 25).

7) Each team will be expected to pay to the commissioner $60 dollars representing the entry fee for DPL each and every season. Fees are due prior to the start of that year’s draft.

8) The prize fund of the league is as follows:

League fees: 14 x $60 = $840

Less CBS Fees: $150 = $690

1st Place: $265

2nd Place: $115

Division Winners: 2 x $75 = $150

Wild Card: 4 x $40 = $160

Total: $690
Winnings will have the league fee for the next season deducted to avoid the commish incurring paypal fees between the UK and US. If you are not returning the next season these of course will be paid in full or if you need the money particularly for any reason the commish will make arrangements where possible.

9) Starting lineups must consist of:

1 Catcher
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Third Baseman
1 Corner Infielder
1 Middle Infielder
1 Shortstop
5 Outfielders
1 Designated Hitter

6 Starting Pitchers
3 Relief Pitchers

10) Any hitter is eligible to play at any of their “primary” positions as deemed by CBS. A hitter is also eligible to play at any position they amassed 5 games played throughout the current season and/or 10 games the previous season. The commissioner doesn’t control player eligibility assigned by CBS so if a hitter moves off of a position and CBS doesn’t change it right away to their new position there will be no action taken. Pitchers have a different eligibility assigned to them. Pitchers have a five game eligibility for the current season and prior year to determine if they are a reliever or starter or both.

11) All teams must ensure that any players who have exceeded prospect eligibility are removed from the minor league system and placed on a team’s major league roster 7 days before the regular season starts before each season. Failure to do so will mean all ineligible minor leaguers are dropped and placed on waivers.

12) The league schedule will be determined at random based on the CBS schedule.

13) At the end of each season, the Commissioner will reset rosters where all teams will have to re-farm their players and also put their players back on the DL. Roster size reduces to 52 from 60 during the off-season to prevent teams from dropping disabled players. A team can't have more than 60 players on their roster at any time during the off-season and will be expected to cut their rosters down to less than 52 players in preparation for the DPL Annual draft

14) No team is obligated to come back at any season.

15) This league is about fun and any Spam-like barrages will not be tolerated by anyone. If you have a problem or concern, take it up to the commissioner first and let him address it.

16) At the end of each season there will be a window to propose rules and changes to improve the league. The commissioner will have the final say on whether these ideas will be instituted for the following season. Any rule changes brought to the league after the Commissioner reviews them needs a majority vote to take effect. Owners will be given a 2 week period to vote on rule changes and a majority vote (minimum 50% of the league) vote to change a rule it will be inactive. Any members away during that period please e-mail the commish giving dates absent and the vote will be suspended until 1 week after that members return. Any changes to rules regarding interpretation, clarification, or league general business are not subjected to this rule.

17) It is expected of all team owners that they stay involved with league matters throughout the season and offseason. If there are votes on league issues, they are expected to vote. Also, please be polite to fellow owners and make it a priority to check your team at least once a week during the offseason for trade offers.

18) The commissioner reserves the right to change the rules without notice to protect the integrity of the league.


19) DPL rosters can only have a maximum of 52 active players. Active players included the CBS designations, “Active,” “Reserve,” and “Minors.” Each roster must have 22 “Active” players which are started each week. Each team can then have up to 15 “Reserve” or bench players and up to 15 “Minor” or farm players. A team cannot have less than 11 reserve players or 13 minor league players at any time. All minor league players will have a “Yes” under the field “Farm_Team” if they are farmed legally.

20) Rule 1: Every team must have 5 active players on their reserves; defined as players currently on the active roster of a major league team at least one must be a hitter and one a pitcher

If teams do not meet these criteria but have enough players to field a full roster then the commish will then:

1. Issue an alert to the team and ask them to add a player in the next FAAB period. If they make appropriate amendments or the situation has rectified itself then no problem.

2. If the situation hasn't changed then the commish will add a suitable player of his choosing to the roster and fine the team $5 of FAAB for each player that is required to be added. If a drop is required the commish will allow teams 24 hours or until 1 hour before next lineup period is due to give the commish drops. If they fail to do this then the commissioner will drop the last player added through FAAB or the draft with the proviso being that the team must have a legal roster at the end of the transaction

3. If a team hasn't got enough players to field a full team then the commish will issue $5 fines for each player added and where necessary ask teams to give drops.

21) Each roster can have up to eight disabled list of “Injured” spots. If a team has eight players on “Injured” status that means they can carry a maximum of 60 guys at that time.

22) Teams can only place a player on “Injured” if they are on the “Official” disabled list produced by MLB. When a player is taken off the MLB “Official” disabled list, each team must take that player off injured as soon as possible. There is no delaying a roster move hoping another player gets hurt or to make a trade. The Commissioner has discretion on timing and will force a roster move if necessary

23) Any player on a DPL roster must be a member of a MLB franchise. Any player who is a free agent, but played for a MLB club anytime during the previous MLB season is eligible also to be on a roster and can be added through waivers freely. No high school or college players are eligible to be on a DPL roster.

24) A player cannot be placed in the minor league system if they have more than 130 major league at bats in their career if they are a hitter or more than 50 innings pitched if they are a pitcher as of opening day. If a player reaches either threshold during the regular season, they can continue to be farmed up until the end of that season. The following season those players will not be eligible for the minor league roster anymore.

25) Players who do not exceed the rookie rules but are not subject to MLB International draft pools are not eligible to be farmed.

26) An owner can move players from their minor league team to their major league team but must ensure that they have no players in their farm who did not meet farm criteria prior to the start of the season. Failure to do so will incur a 25 point penalty per player ineligible for their farm and or draft pick penalty at the commish’s discretion.

27) For a player to be considered eligible to be on a DPL roster they must be signed to a professional major league organization. A team can’t add a player on any college or high school team unless drafted in the current year’s first year player draft. The commissioner reserves the right to ask for proof on any player signing when deemed necessary.

28) If a player signs with an organization outside of major league baseball like a Japanese professional team, the DPL franchise must forfeit the rights of that player immediately. Any player who becomes a free agent following a contract that prior season falls under this rule.

29) For a player to be officially signed by a MLB team according to DPL standards, they must pass a few tests. An official signing in DPL means they must have passed a physical and actually signed a contract. Many times in the international market, there is confusion with agreed to terms and official signings. To determine if a signing is official, the transaction will be on the official transaction wire on MLB.com. Agreed to terms are not an official signing and the Commissioner will have final say on when a player is officially signed.

Free Agent Bidding

30) Each team shall have, for the purpose of acquiring free agents an annual budget of $100. This amount shall be known as the team’s Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB). All budgets will be reset to $100 before the commencement of offseason waivers in preparation for the upcoming season.

Up until the weekly transaction deadline at Sunday Midnight EST, a team may submit a bid for one or more free agents.
If a player does not appear in CBS’s list please e-mail the bid plus player dropped if necessary to the league e-mail address at dynsbaseball@aol.com

31) For the purposes of the Annual Draft no player that is drafted in that year’s First Year Player Draft may be added via the free agent bidding process.

32) All international signings after the start of the major league season are subject to the Annual Draft. Any players drafted in the annual draft or pre-season draft that are not signed prior to the start of the MLB season must be dropped.

33) Free agent bidding will continue throughout the regular season. Teams in the playoffs can add players by request but these players must be dropped once the season completes.

34) During the season, any team that makes a trade leaving their team without a capable starter (as defined by the commissioner) will be forced to either trade for a starter or add one through waivers. A capable starter is one that plays the same position the team is lacking as well as preferably starts for their major league team however, plays at least part-time if no full-time players are available. If a team doesn't add or trade for a capable starter or replacement they will be penalized under the roster rules.

Game Play

35) DPL employs an injury substitution rule that is designed to allow a team to replace an ineligible starter from their lineup for someone who is readily available on their bench. This player must be on their roster at the start of the week, meaning that players added through trades and FAAB bidding are ineligible for that week. A team will only be allowed to substitute a player from their bench for an active player. No farmed players will be allowed for an injury substitution. Any player who is substituted for must be placed on an inactive list or reported to be so at the time of the request. Any player who is listed as day to day can’t be taken out of the starting lineup. Any issues will be determined by the Commissioner regarding timing. If a player is subbed out and in fact, he isn’t eligible, the decision will be reversed and treated as if it never happened. The team will lose their injury sub for that position and for that scoring period.

For September where rosters expand and official listings are unlikely a player must be expected to miss the rest of that game week to be eligible to be substituted. Starting pitchers who are expected to start that game week but are skipped are eligible to be subbed.

For any injury substitution to be official, the GM of the franchise MUST POST TO THE LEAGUE MESSAGE BOARD, the official substitution. This is a zero tolerance policy. The reason why the owner must post the substitution to the league message board is to allow full disclosure to everyone in the league of the substitution and prevent any incidences of mistrust. All injury subs must be posted to the message board before the substituted player’s team game begins that day the day begins that day or the substitution will be posted the next day. The first post for an injury substitution will be the ONLY one used. Do not post three injury substitutions because you keep changing your mind. I will only take the first one and that is it regardless of excuse. I can't be changing the substitution constantly as this is it leaves the scoring to more errors if I have to constantly change it.

For a starting pitcher, the rule works a tad differently. You can only substitute a starting pitcher if they haven't pitched that game week.

36) If a player begins the week on the disabled list, the general manager must Sub them out immediately if they have an eligible replacement. There are no exceptions to this policy and failure to do so will preclude code of conduct violations.

37) Each owner will be required to set their lineup each Monday (And Sunday for Period 1) prior to the week's games beginning. Owners are expected to put in their best lineups on a weekly basis. Any owner who doesn't maintain a legal roster and undermines league integrity risks expulsion and loss of entry fee. If an owner puts in an illegal lineup, by putting a farm player in their lineup, the Commissioner has the right to go back mid week and change it. The Commissioner will use the last player to play for that position first, and if that player isn't available, the Commissioner will pick the lowest score thus far in the week.


38) The Annual Draft that will take place during January or February each year at a date to be determined by the commissioner. To be eligible to pick in the draft a team must have at least one roster spot free before the commencement of the draft. The commissioner will provide a minimum of 2 weeks warning before the draft commences for a team to cut their roster down. Teams will get one pick per available roster spot. If a team does not make any drops before the cut down date then that team will simply have their picks forfeited in the draft. No exceptions.

Teams may select any prospects or major league players should they wish but must ensure that their rosters are legal prior to the commencement of the major league season or at a date to be determined by the commissioner.

39) The draft order for the annual draft shall be set as follows: Reverse of the final major league standings except the playoff teams who shall be set in the reverse of the order they are eliminated with any ties being settled by the better regular season record.

The commissioner will dictate the rule for a team not picking in their time slot before each draft. All picks will be given a certain time window to be announced by the commissioner. If a team doesn't make a selection in their time allotted, they must wait until the next team already on the clock picks and have their selection ready.

Teams may trade picks contingent on commissioner approval but the acquiring team must have an available spot available for their acquisition otherwise the trade will not be allowed by the commissioner.


40) The commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade on the grounds of undermining league integrity or collusion. If owners are found intentionally of doing so, they will be expelled immediately. The commissioner will uphold any trades he feels undermines the integrity of the league due to lack of value. This is to protect the league and should be used in drastic situations. The vice-commissioner will be the review for any trades the commissioner is involved in. If a trade occurs between the vice-commissioner and the commissioner, a third party will review the trade and follow the same guidelines as the previous two. Once again, I don't believe in vetoing and I believe in letting a free market reign. This should be used for rare instances in lack of judgment by an owner.

41) You are not able to trade draft picks for any other year than year immediately after the year you are in so 2020 this year, 2021 next year etc.

42) In-Season trading can commence up until the trade deadline of August 15th, 2019 at midnight EST. If a trade is agreed to at 00:00:00 then the trade doesn't count. After that deadline, there will be no trading until after the World Series