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Thread: Well Run League looking For 2 possisble 3 Dedicated Owners

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    Exclamation Well Run League looking For 2 possisble 3 Dedicated Owners

    6x6 H2H Daily moves 1 year Keeper league, it has been in existance for 10 years . 14 Team league that is in need of serious owners, $150.00 League Fee. Commish is a great guy who I have known for some time and I told him I would reach out here on the forums. We had 2 guys who were brothers and they dropped out for personnel reasons. 1 more owner is currently MIA and not returning messages to see if he is in or not. What I mean by 1 Year Keeper is this, example. I drafted Max Kepker $7 in last years draft, so I had him all of 2019 season and I will be selecting him for my Keeper for 2020. Kepler has to go back into the pool for the 2021 Draft, even if I trade him this season.

    It's a fun league with players spread out from NYC to FLA, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New Mexico state and San Diego. Which honestly makes it a little added fun because everyone's favorites players are all spread out. If your interested please message me and I'll set you up to talk to the Commish who is one of the better LMs imho. Grrat guy who is level headed and always listens and does whats best for the league.

    Lastly I should note to be transparent. We are switching to FanTrax from ESPN this year. Not that its a big deal but I felt I should mention.

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    Hey Jacob, for some reason my phone is not letting my private message you. So Iím posting here to say Iím interested. Thanks

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    I'm interested...please send info to

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