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Thread: Exciting Keeper League Opening - Atlanta GA Area

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    Default Exciting Keeper League Opening - Atlanta GA Area

    We have an exciting keeper league opening in the Atlanta GA Area. We're a 30 year old keeper league, NL-only, 5x5 (OBP instead of BAvg), with 12 owners (very active), 40-man rosters with 25 active, 15-max keepers unlimited trading before the deadline, $100 FAAB system for acquiring players, etc. Two of the newer owners have had difficulty making the annual auction for several years because of conflicting dates, so we are seeking people to take over their teams.

    The auction is scheduled on March 28th this year, and is typically every year on opening weekend. The annual entry fee is $200 and there is a prize structure split between current season results and long-term (four year) performance.

    If interested, respond to this message and I'll send you my contact information.


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    I live in west Tn and might be interested in a live action.
    Id Like a few more details.

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    I want to officially bump this thread. I'm in the league with Daren. We have filled one of the vacancies but are looking for one more owner. Near the Atlanta area is preferred, but optional if you are willing to travel in for the draft every year (we have several members that do so).

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