We have an opening in a unique weekly 12 team (5x5) Mixed, H2H, dynasty league that will be entering its 13th year and has had a very low turnover rate. The annual buy-in is $100. The league format is very conducive to rebuilding and in fact we have a couple of instances of teams going from “worst-to-first” in 1 to 2 years (and vice versa). The league employs roster slots as its main currency. By design, rosters are smaller (34 for teams that were in the playoffs the prior year, 36 for non-playoff teams) and there are no DL spots. We start 22 players (13 hitters, 9 pitchers) each week. The 12 to 14 “reserve” slots can be filled by any combination of MLB, minor league, amateur or international players. Teams have won this league by eschewing prospects and loading its bench with MLB talent and depth against injuries. Teams have won this league by rebuilding and loading their reserve slots with prospects. Teams have won with a blended approach. There is very active trading in this league and roster decisions are “tough” to make.

You may email me at poechsli@cox.net if you have interest and I will share more details and the available roster which is in good shape.