I am looking into starting a brand new league with 6 owners from my last league and 4 new owners. It is NYC based in terms of our draft and all-star gatherings. Our idea is to do the typical 5x5 categories (we may go with QS instead of Wins)
$260 to get your guys with a 5-man minor league draft. Salaries of Free Agents will likely be $7 or so. Moves will be $5. We will use a FAAB budget for waived guys and call-ups who will become FAs if not picked.
We want to cherry pick the things that worked well in our last league (that lasted almost 20 years but was done in by weasels and bad trades!)
I am not certain how to deal with lopsided trades yet - but not inviting the teams guilty of it is one way to fix it and we've done that.
If you're interested, drop me a line. We will all be drafting from scratch.