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Thread: Possible Dynasty League section???

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    Default Possible Dynasty League section???

    Attention Mods......Anyone else please before anyone reads on if you get offended easily i suggest you stop reading right now. I would like to post something that frustrates me (As well as others) and im not looking for a fight. Iím just basing facts. So read on at own risk. Im not going to debate this but it needs to be said.

    I know dynasty league posts get passed over like the plague here. Majority of my posts i need to shame people into responding. Just like im doing now. It seems if you arent in a auction league or something with money value on players your league is beneath some here. Ive made posts where i had a deadline and used it in the title to please help time factor or whatever. Only to see many people read it and just move on. But post after post in regards to Auction/keeper leagues etc not a problem getting help. Thats fine thats the majority of folks here anyway Right? Right, however a Dynasty points league question are nowhere near as complex so I dont get not being able to understand and help. But for some reason many people just dont like the leagues.

    Well like it or not Dynasty leagues are growing in popularity. I just think its sad what goes on in this community with the smugness. Always been that way. Ive been a paying member here for many, many years and its never changed. I get a lot of great information off this site. Amazing content!! But to get help here on the boards is another story completely. (Other than the minors section Saint is awesome and there are a few others in there. Alot have left who did help) I asked before to add a section for dynasty leagues. But it seems I cant even get anyone to understand why. Well im not alone here. Every time I post something like this ill get private messages from people agreeing with me. I know firsthand people that left this site, meaning you lost money for this very same reason im stating now. Imagine the base of folks your missing out on that could be paying members? I have a suggestion and possible solution.

    So is it possible to please add a dynasty league section? There are more people then you realize here that would appreciate it. There are some sections in here that people havent even posted in like 4+ years!! Would be very easy to change the title and not have to add anything. Just a suggestion, 1 room to handle all Dynasty league stuff. If it grows in popularity you can deal with it later to expand etc. If it so-so who cares? You made everyone happy by separating the dynasty league questions and you brought a section back to life that was dead for 4 years. (AKA Rules and Strategy- Baseball Manager. There was 1 single post in 2015 which so happens to be the very last post anyone has made in the section. There were 4 total posts in 2014)

    There are very intelligent folks here whos baseball acumen is out of this world. But what good is it for Dynasty leaguers? No ill will towards anyone. Iím Just trying to help make this community fun and helpful for all. Thanks for hearing me out. Have a good day.
    12 team mixed H2H Dynasty points based league. 30 man rosters, start 17 ( 5 SP, 2 RP, 3 OF, 1 each at, 1B, 2nd, 3rd, SS, DH, U )



    1 pt = single, R, RBI, SF, SH, HBP & BB, 2 pts = 2B & SB, 3 pts = 3B, 4 pts = HR, -1 pt = errors and SO, -2 pts = caught stealing and being picked off. 25 points = A player hitting for the cycle.
    1 pt =
    IP's & SO, 2 pts = pick-off, 5 pts = W, CG and holds. 10 pts = QS, shut-outs, & saves, -.50 pt = BB, -1 pt = R's & wild pitches, -2 pts = hits batsmen, -5 pts = L, balks & blown saves, 20 points = No Hitter, 30 points = Perfecto!!
    2 pts =
    CSC, -1 pt = E, 5 points = TPT (Triple play turned)

    Everyone is avail on waiver. $1 per waiver claim.

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    Very well said and I agree

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