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Thread: 15 Team Slow Draft League opening

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    Default 15 Team Slow Draft League opening

    We have a league opening in our league

    Im going to cut and paste what I posted to my league this morning

    I was checking everyone's keepers this morning. Then said hmm. One person didnt check his keepers. I hadnt heard from ken in a while. So I looked on facebook. Since we are friends on facebook.

    Sad to say that Ken passed away on Jan 31st. This took me aback. Since Ken was a really good guy.

    I know Ken was in the military. Maybe we can do something at the end of the season with like 10% of the winnings or something. Donate to his mom. Since I know he was helping out with her. or Wounded Warriors or something. Im just thinking out loud. Since this shook me up

    Its a 15 team Keeper league. We have a lot of HQ people in the league. Ken was an HQ person as well.

    His team is in really good shape

    Salvador Perez
    Jose Abreu
    Jose Altive
    Javier Baez
    mike moustakas

    So we have a league opening. In our league. It wont cost you anything. Since Ken had paid for this season. ( Maybe make a donation to Wounded Warrior or something )

    This is me just thinking out loud on the last part

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    I just read this and although I didn't know Ken, but I think making a donation is very thoughtful. If you want to consider another veteran organization, check out Operation Mend, which is out of UCLA. I know one of the doctors involved and who is in the video. They do incredible work for the wounded as well as their families. Just a thought.

    Here is a very good video on the good work done by Operation Mend.


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    Thanks Tim

    I messaged a couple of Ken's friends on Facebook. To see whats the best route to go ( Kens family etc )

    We also filled the league. Thankfully one of the members of my other league filled the spot

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