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Thread: NL-Only League Needs Owner

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    Default NL-Only League Needs Owner

    Our long time NL-Only 5x5 keeper league is looking for a new owner. The league has been around since the mid-90s and used to be a Santa Cruz CA based league. Over the years folks have moved away so the auction is now done online with a Skype call to keep everyone on the same page.

    League details are 25 players (15 hitters 10 pitchers) Categories are BA, HR, SB, R, RBI and W, K, ERA, WHIP, weighted SV (67%) and Holds (33%). Entry fee is $100 with $15 going to CBS and $85 into the pot. Transaction fees $2 per FAAB buy, $2.50 per player trade fee, and minor league keepers ($5 per minor leaguer) also go into the pot.

    The auction is set for April 2 and starts at 6:30PM Pacific. As it is online it only takes a couple hours. Minor league snake draft happens late April - early May. Each team gets 3 picks per season.

    This is a league with a lot of trading. If trading of picks/futures for established is something you don't like, this league isn't for you.

    Email me if interested or want more details.


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    This opening has been filled.

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