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Thread: AL Team in NL league with CDG

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    Default AL Team in NL league with CDG

    I am playing in a league that is 12 teams, NL only, but it adding in one AL team this year. Any thoughts on the best way to get good values with this type of setup?

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    Custom Draft Guide doesn't allow you to do this. Rotolab does, though...

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    In both my AL only and NL only leagues we''re allowed to keep crossover players as long as the usual keeper rules allow. Each league however has different categories and set up. So, for one league--say, the NL only--I'll run the CDG and print it off. Then I'll go back and refigure it by simply switch from NL to AL and run it, pulling out the AL players that are in our NL league, and write them in on the printed CDG.

    You could do that with the members of the AL MLB team you're adding to you league.

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