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    Exclamation Fun Very Active League Looking To Expand

    Established league that has experienced players in it. The one thing about this league is, it is very active and engaged. The Commish has a great set up and does weekly recaps of the matchups. Owners stretch from coast to coast, so that means a varied fan base. We all joke and have fun but all in good taste. Most importantly we are a serious league that love more then anything the bragging rights of being league champ. If your the type that likes fun baseball trivia you're in luck. Obscure players dredged from the depths of summer days, Big League Chew and post game Dairy Queen runs. All of them to be brought up randomly to remedy the reality of adulthood. This is called FANTASY people so have fun! You'll see that in this league and we also know how to compete and do everything we can to beat the other guy by being smart, active, engaged and ready on draft night!

    League setup

    $100 Buy In (will be voting on $125 this year)

    5X5 H2H Weekly matchups. 2 Keepers but can only Keep a player for the year you draft him and the following year. We are voting on to see if we go to 3 Keepers this year. $275 Starting Auction purse. ESPN Online Draft

    Friday March 22 9PM Is Draft



    There's a ton a banter back and forth and we are always voting on trades. We would love to go to 14 and we have 12 right now. Want to go to a 14 Team League.

    Very competitive league with a varied path to how teams are built. This honestly is the most fun for me personally. Now as you join (I hope) you'll see how teams are built. Which means your not always fighting over the same path to building a team.

    There is a vetting process and a League Constitution that you will be emailed. I and the Commish will reach out to you and just shoot the breeze mostly about baseball ( I know twist my arm) to see what you may like and don't like. Good fit for the league, nothing vexing just like to bullshit really. If we get one and stay a 12 Teamer that is fine, if we get 3 owners and expand to 14 that's even better! Feel free to leave a message and leave your email or DM me on here. I hope all of you a great season that read this and hope to gain a few new active players for our league.

    I tip my cap and raise my single malt.
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