The Branch Rickey Memorial Dynasty Baseball League (BRML) is a new brand of fantasy baseball. Now entering its 3rd season, it needs a couple of replacement owners. Its intent is to emulate as much realism as possible. Its format is H2H, points-based, and daily games with a 110-game regular season schedule, a best of 7 World Series, and a September version of the Arizona Fall League. High impact performances win. If you have envisioned a league where scoring bias and MLB team days off do not significantly impact results...if you have envisioned a league where your decision making would be high impact day in and day out...if you have envisioned a league that more closely emulates real major league baseball...if you have envisioned a league where your team could build value...if you have envisioned a league that will completely challenge your fantasy baseball prowess...then you have found it.

There is a salary cap, but it is a soft cap and completely manageable under a comprehensive set of rules. You decide how and when to use long-term contracts to lock in your best players to your organizationÂ’s planÂ…and you pay the price if they do not perform as expected. You decide which players to protect from the Rule 5 Draft. You decide when to pursue free agents in the off-season and when to wait on the Spring Supplemental Draft.

In the BRML, you build a pitching rotation as you designate a single SP for each game. Great care has been taken to schedule your games for 2019 when your players are playing in actual MLB games. So, while games are daily, there are plenty of off-days so that you do not need to field a team of replacement players on days when a lot of MLB teams have off-days. The BRML result is a 110-game regular season schedule capped by a best of 7 World Series that concludes in early September. Instead of calling it quits at that point, however, we will use the remainder of September for our version of the Arizona Fall League, which we will call the Branch Rickey Fall League, where daily games will resume using only position players with less than 1000 career MLB PAÂ’s and only pitchers with less than 100 career GP for RP's or 300 career IP for SP's.

If youÂ’ve got the time, weÂ’ve got the League. You must be willing to invest yourself. Email for additional detailsÂ…I have found nothing out there that compares.