Several owners leaving and looking to recruit for next season. Fun League. We use Sportsline and do online auction there too.

JJ Money League Constitution


A. The Team
1. A full team consists of 24 active, 8 reserve, and 3 minors players.
2. Active rosters consist of 10 pitchers and 14 including: 2 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 5 OF, UT and any 10 Pitchers.
3. Position qualification for MLB hitters is 20 games played the previous season or 10 games played the current season.
4. Minor leaguers qualify at the position they played the most games the prior year in the minors or at the position they are “declared” to be in the Majors.

B. The Categories
1. Offense: OBP, HR, RBI, SB, Runs scored
2. Pitching: Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, Strikeouts

C. Scoring and Winning
1. Roto style scoring: Each category is awarded 16 for first place , 15 for second, etc., with teams tied in a given category splitting the points awarded to the two (or more) positions. Team with most points wins.


A. Major League Auction
1. The Auction will be held on a mutually agreeable date to be selected in January of each year. Draft will be held using the CBS Sportsline Auction software.
2. $250 Entry fee is due on or prior to the draft.
3. Each team shall begin the active roster auction with a $260 draft dollars, minus the dollars spent on MLB and minors keepers
4. Players of all levels – majors, minors, non-roster invites, players who are released or injured are all eligible for the roster auction.
5. The auction will commence with the previous year’s champion nominating first.
6. No bid can be made if it would leave the bidding team with insufficient funds to fill remaining roster slots with $1 salaries (if a GM only has $6 remaining, with 6 open roster spots, that GM can’t bid more than $1 for any player that comes up during the remaining auction.
7. A GM can’t nominate or bid on a player if he has no open roster slot for.
8. Trades can be made during the auction, with resulting draft fund and roster adjustments announced and made immediately.

B. Keepers
1. Owners must keep a minimum of 4 MLB Players from the prior season. (no minors minimum). There is a max of 8 MLB and 3 Minors keepers.
2. MLB Keeper’s salaries go up $3 in the first year of retention, another $4 in the second year and another $7 in the 3rd year of retention. After 3 years of retention (by any number of teams) a player becomes a FA.
3. Minor League Keepers increase in salary $1 each year. There is no limit to the number of years a player can be kept if he remains minor eligible. Years kept as a minor do not count toward the 3 year MLB allowable retention.

C. Reserve Draft
1. After the auction a snake draft will be held to fill out 8-man reserve rosters.
2. All remaining players on baseball rosters (active, DL, minors or non-roster invites) are eligible for the reserve draft.
2. All reserve players receive $3 salaries.
3. Reserve draft order will be 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st place of prior year’s standings.


A. Transactions / Lineups
1. Lineup changes will take place weekly and must be made prior to the deadline set by Sportsline.
2. If a player gets put on the DL (not just injured) mid – week, that player remains on your active roster until the next scoring period. He may be placed in a DL spot for the next scoring period. If a player comes off of the DL mid-week, he does not need to be taken out of a DL spot until the next scoring period.
3. There is a 1200 Team Inning minimum. Any GM that fails to meet this limit will lose all their keepers for the following season.
B. Free Agents
1. Each owner begins the season with 100 chits to bid on available free agents that must be on major or minor league team rosters.
2. Every Thursday, beginning the Thursday, April 9, after the start of the season, owners will submit confidential bids using the website, only.
3. Players you drop via the system remain your property until the start of the next period but let me know in a timely manner, by Sunday night or I can't guarantee being able to make the change. For instance, if you want to pick up one 1B you can repeatedly use Goldschmidt as your drop, but he picked up again.
4. Free agents will take on the salary of their bid with at $10 maximum.
5. Newly acquired free agent salaries count toward the salary cap.
6. For the purpose of being kept, a FA salary is the amount of the FA bid.
7. Ties are determined by the sportsline website free agent bidding rules.
8. GM’s are responsible to add as few or as many of the free agents they won to their roster by the beginning of the next scoring period. The GM may need to drop players to make sure that their lineup is legal.
9. Chits will be deducted for all players won, even if they are not added to roster.
10. Teams have the rights to all of the players awarded in free agency and may trade them before the next scoring period begins.
11. GM’s must add Free Agents won with a $0 chit bid. Failure to do so results in a 5 chit penalty and the player must be picked up retroactively.
12. Players won for $0 will have a keeper base value of $0.
13. The last free agent bidding period will be the last Thursday in August.
14. Players originally obtained in the auction keep their auction value as their keeper base value, even if they become a FA during the season.
15. Players originally obtained in the reserve draft that become free agents have their Free Agent Bid Value become their keeper base value.

C. Trades
1. A trade is considered official when one of the following 3 conditions is met:
i. It is proposed and accepted by both parties on Sportsline
ii. Both parties send an email to the commissioner that clearly lays out the terms and acceptance of a legal trade.
iii. Both parties speak to or leave a voicemail for the commissioner that clearly lays out the terms and acceptance of a legal trade.
2. Any “unbalanced keeper” trade made on or before June 30th, can have no more than 3 players going from one team to another.
3. Any “unbalanced keeper” trade made between July 1st and the trade deadline can have no more than 2 players going from one team to another.
4. If an “unbalanced keeper” trade includes a player that is minors eligible under our rules, then the team trading the minors player can get a maximum of two MLB players in return, no matter how many players he gives. The following parameters apply.
i. Allowed
a. 1 Minor for 1 MLB
b. 1 Minor for 1 Minor + 1 MLB
c. 1 Minor + any # MLB for any 2 players
ii. Not Allowed
a. 1 Minor for 2 MLB
b. 2 Minors can’t be traded in one keeper trade

5. A trade can be overturned by the majority of voting GMs in a league-wide vote. The commissioner will break any ties. The league-wide vote must be completed 24 hours after the commissioner has been notified by 4 GMs that the trade is being challenged. Any trade overturned by the league can be re-done, but not retroactively. If the vote is not complete in the same scoring period the trade was made, a re-worked trade must wait until the next scoring period.
6. GM’s can’t make multiple trades with the same GM in the same or consecutive scoring periods. (Player for chits only trades are exempt from this rule)
7. A max of 10 chits can be used during a trade
8. A player must be on a teams roster in order for him to be traded.
9. “Future considerations” are not allowed.
10. Reserve picks can’t be traded during the season.
11. Trade deadline will be the second Sunday in August at 11:59:59pm.
12. Trades involving chits must be completed 24 hours before the
next free agent bidding deadline (every other Wednesday at 10PM) otherwise those chits can’t be used until the next bidding period.
13. The only off-season trade restriction is that chits can’t be traded.
14. If chits are involved in a trade the GM must post that to the league.
15. LINEUPS DO NOT HAVE TO BE LEGAL after a trade is made. It is the gm's responsibility to have a legal lineup by the time lineups are due on Monday.
16. Any trade made that is not legal (ie, trading with same GM too soon) results in reversal of trade and loss of 10 chits to each GM.
17. Unbalanced / keeper trades will NOT be allowed before May 15th.

IV. Minor League Players
1. Each team is allowed 3 minors roster spots.
2. Before September, a player is minors eligible if he has
a. <130 MLB at bats or <50 MLB IP and
b. Is not currently on an MLB 25-man roster.
3. In September a player is minors eligible if he has
a. <130 MLB at bats or <50 MLB IP and
b. Was not on an MLB 25-man roster on August 31st.
4. When a player’s status changes from minors to majors you must make sure you have only 8 MLB reserves before the next scoring period.
5. Our rules for minors eligibility supersedes the Sportsline rules.

V. Salary Cap

An active roster salary cap of $310 must be met at the beginning of each scoring period. There is no minimum salary requirement.

VI. Basement penalties

Less than or equal to 22 points: $350 fee
23 to and including 26 points: $300 fee
27 to and including 30 points: $200 fee
31 to and including 35 points: $150 fee
36 to and including 40 points: $100 fee

Leniency to these penalties may be granted by a majority of a league wide vote.

VII. Prize Money

1st Place: 55% | 2nd Place 24% | 3rd Place 13% | 4th Place 8%

1. In the event of a tie, proceeds will be split based upon teams final positions.
2. Basement penalties will be added to the pool and divided according to above %.

VIII. Spirit of the League:

1. This will cover anything not addressed in the constitution. Roto should be won by a combination of: quality keepers, good auction, good FA pickups, smart trades, roster management and some good fortune. Bending rules and finding loopholes is not in the spirit of the league. Anything that comes up during the season will be held up to the Spirit Standard. It is the responsibility of the commissioner and or a league-wide vote to make sure that the spirit of the league is honored. The commissioner has the right to penalize or make any necessary adjustments to uphold the spirit of the league.
2. A league-wide vote will be called upon to settle any disputes. Majority Rules. GM’s involved in the vote do not get a vote.
3. If you are contemplating a trade, roster move, or anything else, and it seems like it’s wrong, it’s probably not in the spirit of the league. Don’t do it.

IX. Penalties for non-compliance:

If it is determined by the commissioner or by a league-wide vote that a GM has broken a rule or the spirit of the rules, the following maximum penalties are enforceable. The Commissioner may use discretion to lessen the penalties.

1st Offense – Loss of one keeper and 3 players are removed from the violating team’s starting lineup for one scoring period. Players will be determined by the Commissioner.

2nd Offense – Inactive lineup for the entire scoring period and loss of 2 keepers.

3rd Offense – Loss of 4 keepers for next season, plus no points for that period

4th Offense – GM not invited back to the league next season.

X. Free Agent Bidding Process

Each team will have a total of 100 FAAB and the sportsline site will be used for the process for the season.
Bidding will be every week to be processed on Friday's at approxmately 2am.

The FAAB order is the tiebreaker when a player is being auctioned and the highest bidders are tied. The team that is listed higher in the FAAB order will win the tiebreaker. Please note the FAAB Order changes after EVERY successful claim regardless if the tiebreaker was used or not. When a team wins a player they are moved to the bottom of the order. This order will reset at the beginning of each week based off the reverse order of the standings.

XI. VMART rule
If player is out injured for one full season, eligibility will be as per prior full season completed.

1. Free Agents should be submitted to the GM in one of 3 List Formats.
a. One list for all players wanted
b. One list for hitters and pitchers, and another list for Minors players.
c. One list for hitters, one list for pitchers, and one list for Minors.

2. For each list of bids you must specify the number of players you want to pick up. If you don’t specify how many, one player will be picked up. The bids should be listed in order of priority. There are no contingency bids.

3. Penalties:
i. Bidding more chits than owned makes ALL bids invalid. Lose 10 chits.
ii. Specifying a player that does not belong in a list (hitters, pitchers, minors) invalidates the submitted bids in that list. No loss of chits.
iii. Bidding on a player that already exists on someone’s roster invalidates ALL the submitted bids in that list. Lose 5 chits.
iv. If a team does not have enough chits to pay a penalty they lose all their chits and must skip the next bidding period. If they can acquire chits to pay back the chits they owe before the next period, they will be allowed to bid.

4. Bidding example, using third List Format mentioned above:

Pick up two hitters from the following
Aaron Ross, $9
Luke Scott, $5
Cody Ross, $13

Pick up 1 pitcher from the following
Joba Chamberlain, $8

Pick up one minor from the following
Mike Moustakas, $1
Jesus Montero, $0