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  • yahoo 12 team mixed

    (one new member just bailed out 1/2 hour ago...stating he could not afford the 100, if you are interested let me know, by PM or email

    it is not roto it is 12 team mixed h2h with categories vs you opponent each week. you can only change your players once a week on Sunday night Monday morning before the first game. It is a yahoo db.

    you can keep 2 players for up to three years. each year kept you drop down 2 rounds to get the players. you cannot keep anyone from round 1 or 2
    you cannot keep anyone traded, fa, or ww. you do not have to keep any players if you wish. you can drop one, keep one, etc. (if you dropped him, and took him, no dropped playes can be kept)

    c 123ss lf rf cf inf of = 10 off players

    sp sp rp rp p p p only 15 inning a week required. (alllows for a lot of different strategies ...go for ratios, etc.

    you get 5 bench players, ...we play a 22 week regular season, and the rest of the weeks are playoffs.
    MLB has a cutoff Aug1, but they still have 10 weeks to play. We will be making the trade end date the 15th week, with 7 weeks left to play, but no trading after the 15 week. (we used to have the end date later, but that caused issues with teams spending 19 weeks building their team, and then some crazy trade is put out which upsets the standings of the league.)

    12 managers...the trading deadline is7 weeks before the end of the season. End of 15th week. We play a 22 week season, and the balance of the season is for the playoffs.
    Trades cannot be vetoed unless collusion or cheating or lopsidedness. Trades in real MLB are not vetoed. This policy mirrors MLB. We are all adults, most have played this game for many years, there should be no problems. But if 4 managers notify me that collusion, cheating, or the trade is really lopsided, I will veto that kind of trade. I do not vote on any trades either way. Just count the vetoes if there are any. (there has never been collusion)

    scoring 6 offensive runs, rbis, hr, sb, ave, obp.......5 piching scores wins, saves, k's, era and whip. so for instance if your opponent ends up with 28 runs for the week, and you end up with 27, he gets one point. same for all of the categories. If your Era for the week is 3.2 and his is 4.0 you get one point.

    if you are good with the trading aspect, , this league is a lot of fun. you can choose up to 44 fa/ww and have all season to build, even if you got bad luck, if you know your prospects, use good judgment, work at it, anyone has a good chance. You can do as many fair trades you want up to the end of week 15 end date. if you are bbhq person, I think you have more information than most guys playing. But be assurred, they all have their sources also, and stay on top of it.

    the top 6 make the playoffs, the bottom six make a consolation prize playoff ...100 get your money back.

    if you think you like this, send me a pm, and I will get back to you
    p.s. I do not do football.

    thanks a lot for reading, and good luck whereever you play
    not rotiserrie- H2H both teams redraft. (league 2 we can keep 2 players)
    1)private league. 12 team mixed, snake draft, 6x6 h2h daily. cats are r, rbi, sb, ba, oba, hr & w, saves, k's and k9's, era, whip. (k's and k9's plus we need 42 innings pitched per week, leans toward good pitching league)

    2)private league, 12 team mxed, snake draft 6x5 weekly h2h.