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  • New Ultra-D league ISO of owners

    This league is founded by long-time rotisserie ultra-owners who are looking for a new challenge. It combines many of the attributes that make dynasty style great with some of the structure of traditional rotisserie. We have…
    • 20 team mixed league
      • 40 man rosters that function similarly to actual MLB rules
      • Annual player auction with contract management
      • FAAB bidding
      • Max 25 players as keepers for players on 40 man rosters

    • 40 man farm systems
      • Annual rookie draft
      • Minor league FAAB bidding
      • Rule 5 draft
      • Contracts that require player release or promotion to 40-man roster

    • 6x6 roto scoring with a regular season and playoff format
      • Hitting: SLG, OBP, HR, R, SB-CS, RBI
      • Pitching: W, S+H, WHIP, ERA, QS, K/9

    • Live online auction (scheduled for April 8)
    • Slow(ish) minor league draft beginning before the season starts (March 1 or so)

    If interested, please send me an email at
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    This is a first year league so it's a scratch draft. All owners have a chance to build their franchise from the ground up.

    Fees are are as follows:

    New owner buy-in: $300. $200 goes to the league pot; $100 is treated as a franchise fee. The franchise fee is transferable (if a departing owner finds a replacement owner) but non refundable. If a departing owner does not find a replacement owner, the $100 franchise fee is added to the following season’s pot.
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      11 out of 20 spots claimed in one fashion or another; at least 6 BBHQ readers at last check. There were also a few questions about keepers. The league is set up as:

      • Up to 15 players may be kept on the active roster; their combined salaries will count against the $260 auction budget.
      • Up to 10 players may be kept on the reserve roster; players kept on the reserve must be rookie-eligible minor leaguers.
      • Up to 40 players on the minor league roster (farm) may be keep; players kept on the minor league roster (farm) must be rookie-eligible minor leaguers.

      Again, if interested, please send me an email at
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        15 teams claimed with four other people considering joining. We'd love to have more of the BBHQ community join us.


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          Since a few have asked... we are using Fantrax to host the league. We will be using their treasurer service to handle finances.


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            16 teams claimed...4 openings left.