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Long-term 12 Team AL-only 5x5 ultra league ISO 2 new owners

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  • Long-term 12 Team AL-only 5x5 ultra league ISO 2 new owners

    I’m looking for three people to join an AL-only ultra keeper league. We had three teams open up but we haven’t found people who want to dive into an ultra format. The league has been around since 1989 and has had a lot of stable ownership over the years; several of the owners are active lurkers on the forums. We have 40-man rosters that include 23 active positions and a mix of reserve and farm players; $100 FAAB and a waiver process; we allow trading of draft picks and FAAB $; daily transactions, etc. Our farm players are minor leaguers who still qualify as rookies; but we also allow teams to choose players from Cuba, college, high school, Japan, Korea and other places. We allow teams to keep up to 18 players per year. We use a standard 5x5 scoring format with the only change coming next year when we shift from AVG to OBP. A team costs $250 and we hold an auction for active roster spots followed by a rotation draft for remaining positions. This year, the auction / draft will take place April 1 – 2 in Winston Salem; most owners participate in the auction / draft in person, but a few conference in every year.

    If you are interested, please contact me directly ( I would like to get the three owners lined up quickly and then have them run through an orphan draft for the players currently on the three team rosters.


    Last edited by dcbaseball; 01-29-2016, 12:49 PM. Reason: Another owner dropped out today.

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    And another owner dropped out today for life reasons. searching for three people.


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      bumb...would love to find some capable strong owners.


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        one spot filled; one other spot almost filled. Still have one more opening. Will hold an orphan draft with the three new owners.


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          Two spots left remaining!