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7X7 H2H 20 team keeper league needs 1 owner $100

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  • 7X7 H2H 20 team keeper league needs 1 owner $100

    I run two 20 team keeper leagues that have been running for 7 and 6 years. We are part of the Love of the Game fantasy leagues with the original going on 10 years. I have 1 team that needs taken over.

    It is $100 buy in with 100% payout. We have a dedicated Pro board site where we keep track of all off season trades. Everything is done here until Yahoo opens up. Managers with their contacts, Team rosters, draft board and trade log are updated until then. We also have $5 buy in winner take all mini games between the 3 leagues to promote camaraderie (no participation required). We also have monthly winners this year and optional trophy for winner. Joe(Who runs original) and I try to improve leagues each year if we can. we also have a Manager of the year award voted by the league which gets you a free buy in for following year.

    The league mission is simple: "Competition and Camaraderie"

    The goal is:
    -- Have fun playing fantasy baseball
    -- To not compromise the fun of others through bad sportsmanship

    Are "Love of the Game" fantasy leagues right for you? Our managers who play in this league are all active, competitive, like to trade, talk trash, post on messages boards, and keep the league "PG/PG13 Rated". Oh, and did I mention competitive! ;D

    -- H2H, 7x7 scoring, keeper, 8 team playoff format
    -- Yahoo League
    -- Live online draft
    -- 20 teams
    -- Offensive categories: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP
    -- Pitching categories: W, QS, Hld, SV, K, ERA, WHIP
    -- Max 5 Keepers, Min 3 Keepers
    -- Additional league settings/deadlines, etc. available in the Yahoo league page

    -- 22 man roster
    -- Hitting Positions = C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL
    -- Pitching Positions = SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P
    -- Bench Slots = 5
    -- DL slot = 2
    -- Position eligibility is based on standard Yahoo rules

    -- 1st Place: $700
    -- 2nd Place: $350
    -- 3rd Place: $200

    -- Regular Season Division Winners: $100(4 division winners)

    --Monthly Winners: $50 (x5)

    -- Sportsmanship Award $100 (free entry next season)

    Prize payouts will take place typically within 2 weeks after the season is over.

    -- Payment must be received before you are allowed to register your team
    -- $100 buy-in per league, 100% payouts
    -- Accept cash, personal check, money order, cashier's check, Pay Pal,VenMo or Amazon Payments.

    Contact the Commish to make payment arrangements.

    -- February 5: League opens
    -- February 28: Declaring Keepers Deadline (
    rules here)
    -- March 1: Roster reduced to Keepers, all other players put back in draft pool
    -- March 25: Live Online Draft*
    -- March 28: Season Starts
    -- September 21: Season Ends*

    *Dates are Tentative. Check with your league's Yahoo page for exact draft date/time.

    -- We will have a live online draft (through yahoo).
    -- The draft order is predetermined based on a lottery system with weights based on how teams ended the previous season (last place gets 20 chances at the first pick, first place gets only one).
    -- Keepers assigned to your team before the start of the draft.

    -- Keepers allow you to draft/trade for your favorite players and be able to keep them year-after-year. It encourages a feeling of building a dynasty.
    -- 5 keeper maximum, but may release up to 2 players into the free agent pool and gain two extra draft picks in their place. Managers must announce their intentions by the keeper deadline date named above.
    -- Managers that do not renew their team will be replaced by a new owner who will inherit the previous team's roster and they can choose their keepers from that team only.

    The league prides itself on compiling the best group of competitive and friendly players. Good camaraderie is key in our leagues! That's why we see so many of the same faces back year after year.

    The award will be given out toward the end of the season and will be voted on by the entire league. The winner of this award will receive FREE ENTRY for next season ($100 value).

    The "Sportsman of the Year" award recognizes the manager who "added" the most to the league (commissioner not eligible) in terms of fun, positive energy, competitive spirit, social interaction, etc.

    This includes the following criteria:
    - creative team name
    - creative team logo/avatar/icon
    - message board posts
    - active trading
    - fun spirited smack talk
    - social engagement

    The award does not take into account the team's winning record. As a rule of thumb, the winner should personify a team you enjoying playing with and want to have back next season!

    -- Trades are ruled on by Commissioner.
    -- All managers in a league may voice their concern to the commissioner about a trade, however it is the commissioner's perspective that only trades involving collusion or deals that can dramatically change the landscape of the competition should be vetoed.

    As Commissioner, I work hard to promote a positive and fun league for everyone. I will delete message board posts if they are explicit, filled with profanity or personally attack another team. Repeat offenders will be warned and eventually can lead to having their team locked out from posting. I have removed managers from the league mid-season and will do so for serious offenses. Ample warning will be given before a team is booted. Joining the league and paying the entry fee is considered your acceptance of the league rules. ENTRY FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

    LOVE OF THE GAME leagues are invitation only and teams that do not adhere to league rules will not be invited back.

    If you are interested please contact me at

    Thank you