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20 team Mixed 6x6 Online Dynasty League Forming-Need owners-$250

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  • 20 team Mixed 6x6 Online Dynasty League Forming-Need owners-$250

    Mixed 6x6 Online Dynasty League Forming-Need owners-$250
    Seeking PROs, Draft via CBS, 100% payout w Leaguesafe

    I've been in various roto leagues for over 25 years and I'm looking to pull together 20 owners for a new mixed roto dynasty league. I already have a handful who are interested so I am optimistic this will fill up fast. I want this league to be filled with people who think about baseball 24/7 and are fans of the game. Looking for experienced roto owners who have been competing for years and who enjoy a high level of competition. Must be active. I'll collect short bios of each owner once the league is set up and distribute so we can all get a better sense of our backgrounds. All details including a pretty robust constitution is below. If interested please send a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to be in this league to Also post questions here and I will check in and also provide progress updates on spots that are available. I currently have several committed owners and while shooting for 20 owners we would roll with 15 and then tweak rosters etc. Thanks for looking. Cheers-Gregg

    Format & Prize $
    The format would be mixed league format 6x6 (OBA, SLG, RBI, R, SB, HR & W, SV, HLD, WHIP, ERA, K/BB.) Top 6 spots would be paid as follows assuming we get 20 teams: 1st 46%, 2nd 22%, 3rd 18%, 4th 14%, 5th $250, 6th $125, 7th place gets bonus supplemental 1st pick in MLB dispersal AND minors draft with 2nd pick in each draft round then stating with 20th ranked team going in reverse non snaking order including 7th place team picking again in their slot. (7th place essential gets extra pick in each draft to start.) $250 fee due that I would set up on a secure Leaguesafe account and email link for each owner. Also would payouts would include $25 for each team winning a category. This gives owners something to continue to play for especially if in rebuilding mode. All FUNDS HELD WITHIN secure ACCOUNT. You would receive a link from them to make the deposit by a deadline (I still need to set up and will do so in next week), deposits are free and then at end of year is it is a $2 fee to disperse a paper check. So roughly 6-10 checks might need to be cut depending on winners. See details on how this works here: So 100% payout less the fee to CBS for the site (was $150 last year), less roughly $20 to league safe fro checks less $250 for 5th place (half their money back), less $25 for 12 category winners ($300), less $125 for 6th. Then percentages above are doled out with remaining pot. ($250x20 teams=$5,000 less $150 for CBS-$20 for checks-$250 for 5th-$125 for 6th-$300 for category winners=$4,155 and then % payouts for each place winner. In this format 1st place would pay $1,911.30, 2nd $914.11, 3rd $747.90, 4th $581.70, 5th $250 and 6th $125. Also category winners would likely go to some of the highly placed teams adding to totals.

    We'd use weekly waivers process for all free agents or unowned minors players who get called up to MLB, so you don't need to be sitting by a computer 24/7. This will be a daily transaction league, but only eligible with players already on your roster.

    Draft pick trades can be traded in both major league and minor league drafts. Trades would be processed by the commissioner within 24 hours of submission and would not go into effect until the next day's games. As a league we will have an open discussion on trades, voting etc. This is a dynasty league so dumping should not be an issue. However, this portion of constitution would be updated prior to draft day and I feel its important to make sure everyone is on the same page as this is an area that can destroy leagues.

    Rosters, Drafts, Roster Protection year to year
    2015 will be the first year and we will have an inaugural MLB draft first and Minor league draft second. The order for the MLB draft will be randomly selected via Skype live. The minor league order will then start once the MLB draft concludes and will be in revers order. (Team with 1st MLB draft pick will be last pick in each round for minor league draft.) *The drafts will only be snaking format ONLY for 2015 as its the first season and we are starting from scratch. All future dispersal drafts would be non snaking as they are designed to give teams that finished poorly the season prior a shot at strongest unprotected players. More details on that below.

    There will be 50 players per team on a roster. 25 of which must be protected each year as a traditional "25 man roster" that can be any mix of MLB or minors players. This will be done as a "protect list" by first day of spring training each year with advance notice from commissioned on exact date. Owners would then have a 4-6 weeks to review the available player pool in time for the MLB and minors dispersal drafts that would occur in mid to late March. (pool of undrafted players combined with 10 players from each of 20 teams who are not protected on 40 man roster.) In season rosters will include (25 active MLB rosters mirroring real baseball: 10 Pitchers and 15 hitters including 1 C, 1 1b, 1 2b, 1 ss, 1 3rd, 2 MI, 2 CI, 5 OF, 1 U. Also there will be 5 MLB reserves not including DL spots that you can make daily lineup moves with reserving players in any combination of hitters and pitchers, and 20 minor league slots (can be used on anyone not on a MLB roster who still has rookie eligibility.) So yes you can draft your nephew or gamble on the latest Cuban or Japanese league player who might come over.

    This totals 50 man rosters. So essentially each year teams will only be able to protect 25 of their 50 players. This aspect will keep it interesting for enjoying draft day while also remaining true to a dynasty format. If we lose owners there would be an expansion draft where the protected list would drop to 20 per team and each team must have one player selected and can't lose two players unless more than one expansion team (multiply per expansion team.) This will ensure that we keep the league healthy especially if we lose an owner who does a poor job with roster building.

    Looking to get things set up via Laguesafe invites and as soon as CBS opens up the Commissioner product will set up the league and finalize rest of constitution which will be more boilerplate stuff like minor league eligibility, activation of minors, and trades as mentioned above.

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    10 spots filled, 10 to go!


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      Hi guys, I have 12 owners now and would like to fill 8 more spots. Now is a good time to get in as we are going to start talking about potential draft dates in March and finalize rules, So far a handful of HQers and would love to have more. Also several owners with 25 + years experience so looking to be competitive. Please email for more details.


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        hi Lima. I'm interested in this league. Sent you an email this morning. Not sure u got it. My email is I would like more info if available. I tried to to send private message but I believe u have a setting off. Thanks


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          Got it a Posada thanks. At 15 now, need 5 more.


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            Ok football is almost done. We have 15 solid owners and are getting close to selecting a draft date. Need 5 more dedicated baseball junkies for this great dynasty league. Email Thanks.


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              We are full and no longer accepting new owners, thanks.