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Longstanding NL-only league needs 2 owners

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  • Longstanding NL-only league needs 2 owners

    EDIT: Two owners have been found. Thanks!


    This league has been around for 15 years, and about half the owners have been "core" teams during that time. Every few years a team or two will open up, however. This offseason we have had two owners who unfortunately had to step down: one is moving out of the country, and the other saw his real-life work/travel duties increase.

    In any case, here are the specs:

    -- NL-only, 12 team, standard 5x5 categories
    -- CBS is our stat site
    -- 23 man active roster, six man reserve, four (max) farm team
    -- Weekly lineup changes
    -- $100 FAAB
    -- $25 entry fee; money paid to the top three finishers at season's end.
    ** Despite the relatively low entry fee, the league has always been competitive, and the owners "active" on a week to week basis (regarding their lineups and whatnot). The same attention would be asked of new owners, as well. (i.e., don't leave injured players on your active roster for months at a time, etc.)

    The eventual two new owners will hold a draft from the pool of players from the two vacated teams. This will be done as soon as the new owners have been approved by the league's current members. Regular cutdowns/freezes will then be done in the Spring as per usual.

    If anyone is interested and/or would like more info, feel free to send me a message. I can also email you the full league constitution at that time.

    Edited to add some of the players/salaries that will be available to the two new owners:

    Y. Molina -- $13
    W. Ramos -- $7
    C. Asche -- $4
    B. Phillips -- $22
    K. Davis -- $11
    M. Holliday -- $30
    J. Jay -- $6
    A. Pagan -- $21
    J. Segura -- $18
    D. Peralta -- $4
    T. Taylor (farm)
    D. Buchanon -- $3
    A. Chapman -- $14
    N. Eovaldi -- $10
    M. Garza -- $18
    J. Locke -- $7
    V. Nuno -- $6
    Y. Petit -- $7
    AJ Cole (reserve)
    T. Ross -- $5
    V. Worley -- $3

    M. Montero -- $16
    F. Freeman -- $18
    S. Gennett -- $4
    A. Ramirez -- $35
    A. Rizzo -- $22
    R. Braun -- $42
    R. Grichuk -- $2
    B. Hamilton -- $3
    Y. Puig -- $4
    J. Rutledge -- $13
    J. Votto -- $47
    B. Goodwin (farm)
    G. Cole -- $4
    J. Collmenter -- $7
    A. Harang -- $7
    M. Leake -- $1
    J. Papelbon -- $18
    A. Reed -- $21
    J. Williams -- $4
    J. deGrom -- $11
    C. Anderson -- $7
    A. Bradley -- $3
    M. Minor -- $14
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    Edited to add a list of some of the available players that the two new owners will be choosing from.
    Lots of good salaries/values; some of the players are $30 or more underpriced.


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      I am interested. Please send a copy of your constitution to:
      My phone is 657 210 4076.


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        Is this an on-line or in person league?


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          Originally posted by bluester View Post
          Is this an on-line or in person league?
          It is an online league.


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            Bump -- one spot looks to be filled, which means we have one team still available.
            Lots of good players will be dispersed via the new-owner draft; get in touch if you're interested and/or if you have any questions.


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              I am interested. Please email me at j n b u n c h @ g m a i l . c o m

              Thank you.