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$500 12 Team H2H Points Expert League (CBS, Leaguesafe)

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  • $500 12 Team H2H Points Expert League (CBS, Leaguesafe)

    This redraft league is run on CBS. Funds collected with Leaguesafe. Buy-in is $500. Payouts are 65% to first, 25% to second, and 10% to regular season high pts winner after $150 CBS fee.

    This is not for the faint of heart. In this league it is very important to be prepared to draft well. All 150+ of the Starting pitchers will be on rosters, as well as all of the closers, and all of the top setup men and/or 6th starters will also be on your rosters. It will be important to keep up on your team all year long. We have ample injury spots but the player HAS to be on the DL officially in order to go on injured list. We also have minor league spots available for you to protect call up situations. There are no reserve pitchers so you will have to use the waiver wire and try to stay ahead of the game in combination with your DL and Minors spots. There are really not many good players available at any time after the draft. Our OF positions are a little different from most leagues in the sense that you need a LF, CF, RF, and OF. You have the option to start any OF position you want at OF. So in total you start at least 4 OF. We have a big long draft so make sure you clear 4-5 hr to draft and set up your team. This is an expert league and if you are not going to be committed we would rather have someone who is. There are no refunds if you are not satisfied as our entire goal is to run a fair and fun league, and to have great payouts. We have a history of having very competitive leagues that are both very active, and easy to enjoy.

    Active Players 31, Reserve Players 9, Injured Players 0-6, Minors Players 0-3, Total Players 40-49
    The reserve slots are identified to have certain positions.

    1B 2 points, 2B 3 points, 3B 4 points, BB 2 points, CI 1 point, CS -1 point, CYC 5 points, E -1 point, GDP -2 points, GSHR 2 points, HP 1 point, HR 5 points, KO -2 points, OFAST 1 point, R 3 points, RBI 3 points, SB 2 points, SH 1 point

    B -1 point, BBI -1 point, BS -10 points, CG 3 points, CGL 5 points, ER -1 point, HA -1 point, HB -1 point, HD 10 points, HRA -1 point, INN 3 points, IRS -.5 points, K 2 points, L -10 points, NH 5 points, PG 5 points, PKO 1 point, QS 5 points, S 20 points, SO 5 points, W 15 points

    I can give more details if you are interested.

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    We changed the league to Weekly format. Have 5 of 10 owners (will go to 12 with future expansion possible). Need quick response to make this league a go.