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    Experienced Player Looking for a League in Southern Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts Area or Online

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    Originally posted by daveydave74 View Post
    Experienced Player Looking for a League in Southern Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts Area or Online
    My home league -- NL-only, quasi-dynasty (up to 16 keepers, generally 12-13 MLB players and 3-4 "prospects") -- may have an opening. The team that finished tied for second last year determined that he was in too many leagues. It's 5x5, but on offense, we use OBP and hits instead of Avg and runs, and on pitching we use K-W, rather than K's. Oh, we draft on-line. It's scheduled to begin Sunday morning, March 23rd. Teams generally have an hour to make picks and we suspend in late evening and don't begin again until mid-morning (although teams can make a pick if they're up and ready). Everyone needs to be ready to finish the draft on, I think, Thursday evening in the event that the draft hasn't been completed by then. Last year, it finished well before Thursday evening. If you're interested, pm me.
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      Sent you a PM


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        I guess I can give you another option. :-)

        We have two openings our dynasty league. The league started last year. One team picks 4th (non-snake draft) and the other picks 14th. We use Fantrax to manage our teams and purchased a lifetime contract last year. Parameters are:

        • 20 Teams, no contracts, no divisions, head to head
        • Two matchups per week
        • Daily Activations (Weekly Scoring Periods) - 1 point per category (16-pts. per matchup)
        • 94-Players per team: (44 starters/reserves) and (50 man Minor League roster)
        • Owners can trade future Draft Picks and get 10 new picks per year; we start our slow draft mid March

        Hitting Categories:
        (8-Pts. Possible)
        1-Pt. (BA)--Batting Average
        1-Pt. (HR)--Home Runs
        1-Pt. (SB)--Stolen Bases
        1-Pt. (RBI)--Runs Batted Inn
        1-Pt. (OBP)--On Base Percentage
        1-Pt. (H+W)--Hits + Walks
        1-Pt. (R)--Runs
        1-Pt. (TB)--Total Bases

        Pitching Categories:
        (8-Pts. Possible)
        1-Pt. (W)--Wins
        1-Pt (K)--Strikeouts
        1.Pt. (WHIP)--Walks + Hits/Inning
        1-Pt. (ERA)--Earned Run Average
        1-Pt. (INN)--Innings
        1-Pt. (QS)--Quality Starts
        1-Pt. (3S+H)--3 Times Save plus Holds
        1-Pt. (GB) -- Ground Balls Allowed

        PM me if you want more details.