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New dynasty 6x6 Mixed Roto League, $1k: funds with leaguesafe

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  • New dynasty 6x6 Mixed Roto League, $1k: funds with leaguesafe

    Owners needed! Welcome to the ultimate dynasty league!

    I have competed in roto leagues for over 20 years. I started out in relatively small leagues and have competed in high stakes leagues with great competition over the past several years. I have decided to run and establish a Dynasty 6x6 Mixed Roto league with unique ideas I have collected over the years. The fee will be a $1,000 per team. We will use for collecting, holding and dispersing funds. Funds will be 100% paid out minus league fees for as our league site and stat service. MLB draft day will be early March. Farm Draft will be the following weekend.

    I'm looking for baseball lovers and top competitors that enjoy daily league tinkering but also the marathon of building a dynasty team. I'm in the process of developing complete rules, but here are some highlights:

    Looking for 12-16 teams and team # will determine roster depth. Full Farm system with off-season minors draft each year in early March.Teams can trade draft picks.More details on this at bottom.

    This will be a daily transaction league. (no extra fees for transactions)

    Categories are: HR, RBI, R, SB, OBA and SLG W, SV, HLD, WHIP, K/BB and ERA. We will use minimum ABs and IP to maintain balance.

    Trades will be limited to a maximum of 4 players for 4 players, once teams trade no trades again together for 30 days to avoid circumventing the rule, and a trade deadline mirroring MLB's in late July.

    Payouts will be 45% 1st, 20% 2nd, 15% 3rd, 10% 4th, and $500 plus #1 farm pick to 5th. If league is 14+ teams then #1 pick will go to 6th and payouts stay the same for 1st thru 5th.

    Also 2% of pot each for having a league MVP and/or CY winner on your roster at the close of the season.

    Milestone awards:$100 for no-hitters and cycles, and $150 for a perfect game. Last place team has to send a baseball related gift to league winner prior to end of World Series. (Roughly $50) These things should collectively be a small incentive for a rebuilding team to keep competing. Heck its a dynasty league so that urge to improve really goes year round. Teams also have a chance each week at FAB and free agents. We all know valuable surprise players emerge every year. The league stat fee for Onroto, $500 for 5th, and milestone payouts will be subtracted from the pot first and then the percentage payouts will be dispersed.

    We will use a FAB system for any rookie eligible call ups not on a team farm roster. FAB will run right before waivers weekly. Teams get $100 FAB budgets to use over the course of the season. Unspent $ will not carry over seasons. All other MLB free agents will be first come first served throughout the regular season. Transactions will be frozen over the off season except for trades. Players coming from outside MLB from Japan, Cuba etc. will be available for the March farm draft after our first inaugural season.

    For the farm draft my thought was to have a 40 man limit for farm rosters. These rosters must be filled each March or a $25 per unfilled spot fee will be accessed. This will stop teams from liberally trading away picks and not being able to fill out a 40-man farm roster each season. After the first season each team will receive 25 draft picks which can be traded along with farm players. Teams will submit farm keeper lists prior to farm draft and then use draft picks to populate their roster up to 40. Teams can not go over 40 and will forfeit unused draft picks. This will help to replace the pain of no draft day each March, the only real downside in a dynasty league.

    If you read this far then you might be a great candidate. Please respond to this post here so others can see questions and reserve a spot as I expect things to fill up fast. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'm excited to get this league built and started.
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    Getting a lot of views and no interest. I'm open to suggestions for a hybrid format and also lowering the fee. $500, $700, I just want to get a good core of owners and have this be a competitive and rewarding league. Once again the monies regardless of he fee would be held by Thanks for looking.